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EarthyBrowns Shaving Soap

  • Our shaving soaps can be used with or without a brush
  • Shaving bars are made to fit a common 6 or 8 oz mug
  • Our oil profile makes for a great lather
  • We use Bentonite* Clay for lubrication
  • Can be used with any razor, especially straight & safety

*Bentonite is a by-product of weathered volcanic rock. An excellent lubricant, known to wick away impurities. A must ingredient for shave soaps.

EarthyBrowns Badger Shaving Brushes

  • We hand turn every brush on a wood lathe
  • We only use the best Badger and Silvertip Badger hair
  • Wood is harvested from Kentucky
  • Our preferred wood is Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) due to its natural rot resistance and beautiful contrasting pale sapwood and reddish heartwood
  • Badger Brushes will make any soap last longer and will make any soap lather
  • Using a shaving brush will soften and lift hair for a better shave